I really like the idea of this Friday’s List, so this is the 2nd one.

  • Mango. It is Mango season in Florida! They are all over, it seems like everyone has a mango tree in their yard here, we keep receving them from friends, and we love that. Soon a post about a mango salad. Did you know that there are more than 100 mangoes varieties? We could see some of them last week at The Fruit and Spice Park
  • Doctors to think like ecologists, the next medicine? Very interesting article at the NYT Tending the Body’s Microbial Garden
  • Video from Meat without Drugs, somehow related to the link above, about antibiotics and meat in USA.
  • Omnivore Books on Food, a gastronomy bookstore in San Francisco. I was there recently with our friends David & Marta and it is a paradise for cookbooks freaks like me.
  • Kinkfolk magazine. Beautiful and inspiring.
  • Donna Hay Ipad Magazine. The winter issue is out!
  • Caroline Swift ceramics.
  • Ithaca, NY and the Finger Lakes. We are leaving next Saturday for a 2 weeks car trip from Miami to NYC, one of the stops will be Ithaca. I am already in love with the city and the area just by reading about it. Can’t wait to visit.
  • Rio+20: Have you been following the conference? For those who haven’t, let me explain you, that Rio+20 is a three-day environmental conference organized by United Nations in Rio de Janeiro, to discuss about Sustainable development. Today is the last day. A lot of tweets today about it, and most of them are disapointed and pesimist about the agreements achieved.
  • Spain and the poor chicken. Spain is still using conventional cages for laying hens, even though this practice was prohibited in the European Union on January 2012. The European Commission is not happy…How can we consumers help with the welfare of these animals in Europe? Buy eggs classified as 0 (organic) or 1 (free range), and avoid those classified as 2 (barn) and 3 (cage).

Have a great weekend!!