I guess at this point everybody has heard that breastfeeding is the best for babies. But not all women are successful at it. If you intend to breastfeed, here are some tips to motivate you to do so and to help you to achieve it:

  1. Human breast milk is the best food for your baby. Nature has create it to fully nurture your baby, he or she doesn’t need any supplement or any other food until 6 months old. Be confident that he or she is getting all the nutrients he/she needs with your milk. Also, several studies have confirmed that breastfed babies have a stronger immune system and less allergies.
  2. Breastfeeding can be seen as an obstacle for what once was your daily routine. Yes, once your little one is here your daily rythm is upside down, it is difficult to make plans and if you breastfeed, no one else can do this job for you. BUT breastfeeding is a beautiful moment to bond with your baby and to spend some quiet time with him/her. So enjoy it! Once they grow you will miss those days!
  3. Take breastfeeding classes before your baby is born. Although breastfeeding is something naturally intended for women, it doesn’t always come out that easy. Breastfeeding classes are key to learn about it and to be successful from your babies first meal on.
  4. Contact a breastfeeding consultant. Have her come to the hospital the day after your baby is born so that she can help you with doubts and reassuring you that you are doing an awesome job.
  5. Do not give your baby any pacifier or bottle until you both are experts in breastfeeding.
  6. Continue to contact your breastfeeding consultant. Yes! You thought you got it under control, until your nipples got soared. It can happen, don’t worry, soar nipples are due to a bad breastfeeding position, contact her before it gets worst and she will help you correct your posture and in a few days the paint won’t be there anymore. Also continue to contact her any time during the following months if you have doubts.
  7. Relax: stress can affect your ability to produce milk. Yes, I know, you are tired and moody and angry and all seems out of control. But, hey, your baby is so cute! Relax and enjoy him, he is a blessing!
  8. Nurture your body: you will continue to produce milk even if you only eat junk food, but 1) the fats on your milk won’t be of good quality, and baby need those to grow a healthy brain and 2) your body reservoirs of vitamins and minerals are now been used to produce milk, so make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to replace them, so that you don’t incur in vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  9. If you go back to work, you will need some planning but it can be done. Buy a good breast pump and pump your milk daily, following the rythm your baby would do during the day. This will assure that your milk supply continues. Place your milk in milk bags and bring them home for your baby.
  10. Take a “me” time: you need it and you deserve it. Baby is very dependent on you when you breastfeed, so once you learn your baby’s eating rythm, feed him and let your spouse or relative take care of her for a couple of hours. Go and get a massage!



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