Last Sunday New York Times had a deeply sad news on the front page: “Afghanistan’s Worsening, and Baffling, Hunger Crisis”

The article states that cases of severe malnourishement among children have increased 50% since 2012 in Afghanistan. The few pediatric hospitals in the area are overcrowded with children in urgency for help and they are short on therapeutic foods used to treat malnutrition.

Causes for the rise on malnutrition are several and complex, and this is not the only country in the world where babies and children are lacking the food they need to live.

It breaks my heart, babies and children are so innocent, they never asked to be in this world, and not a single one of them should suffer from starvation.

As an individual is out of our reach to be able to solve this problem, but we can take action in different ways:

  1. Choose your food: Every time you buy food, you are making a choice, you are supporting a certain type of agriculture, animal treating, and human rights, you are implied in politics that can change the way we produce and distribute food to the world. Choose fair trade products, buy organic, eat less meat, and if so, eat meat from animals that have been pasture raised and raised with respect. The same for eggs. Eat local. Eat fresh food and avoid all food that come in a container. Learn how to cook.
  2. Decrease food waste: buy only what you need and learn how to preserve properly your food to minimize spoilage.
  3. Live more sustainably: More and more studies are making a link between climate change and natural disasters like hurracanes and tsunamis. Use less plastic bags, take public transport, walk or bike, recycle and reuse.
  4. Support NGO in their humanitarian causes. This year Philipp and I have donated to Unicef (providing therapeutic food to hospitals in Afghanistan among many other projects to help babies and children around the world) and the Worldwide Fistula Fund, that supports young mothers, many 12 -15 years old, with obstetric fistulas caused by difficult long labors and by pelvises not developed enough due to their young age, for a baby to pass through.
  5. Spread the word: Write about it, talk about it, vote for it or start an organization to inform about how to improve the food system, food security in the world and ways we can contribute to stop it.
  6. Say NO to wars: among the many horrendous consequences from wars, food supply and food security is one. Refugees have a hard time finding food, not only during war but years after as well, and international help often finds obstacles to deliver food due to political conflicts in the area.


Cartoon by Matt Wuerker, taken from the amazing book "Eat, Drink, Vote An Illustrated Guide to Food Politics", from one of the persones I admire the most in nutrition Marion Nestle ( Matt Wuerker:

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker, taken from the amazing book “Eat, Drink, Vote An Illustrated Guide to Food Politics”, from one of the persones I admire the most in nutrition Marion Nestle (
Matt Wuerker:




  1. Hi, pili ! unfortunately i can’t open the blog and read your text. Did you change something ? or is my computer lazier at the beginning of the new year ? I hope philipp had a good time in costa rica and he came back well yesterday. Have a good day. With little mia and philipp. Enjoy the week end.


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